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Excellence in Server Rack System since 1999

For more than 12 years ITL has provided Server Racks, Server Cabinets, Wall Mounts, Cooling Solutions, Outdoor Enclosures, Batteries, Integrated AC and DC Power System Solutions, Rack Accessories and Power, along with installation and maintenance services for the Data-com and Telecom industries. we have a well-established track record of customer service and product performance. We’re experts at delivering custom solutions designed to fit your exact needs, both on time and on budget. From a unique single custom cabinet to an entire custom data center, Rack mount Solutions has you covered

Why Choose Integra as Rack System Partner?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your Server Rack System provider. Here are some of the many compelling reasons to choose Integra.

Increase Performance – If you want to have good server performance, you must provide proper airflow. If there is anything that interrupts the good airflow, you are risking of overheating the servers, even if you keep your servers on a table. If you want to avoid the airflow problem, invest in quality server racks. They come in different size and design and are made of quality and durable material. Furthermore, server racks are designed to maximize the airflow and if this is important for you, invest in a server rack that has a cooling system. Server racks are customizable, so you can remove the empty shelves and cover with blanking panels in order to increase the airflow.

Increase Security – Server racks use locked panels to keep uninvited and unwanted people out. Nowadays, there are numerous server cabinet models that come with different locking systems. Look online for the ones with best customer rating.

Easy To Maintain – Server racks are easy to maintain because everything is where it’s supposed to be. Most server racks are equipped with wheels and shelves that easily slide out, making it easier to access the server and maintain it. In case something happens with your servers, it is easier to access and resolve the problem when it is on a server rack.

Frequently Asked Question!

* What are some of the trends that you see in the racks for Data Centers?

  • 30” Wide racks to provide more cable management options
  • Taller racks to rack more servers and switches while using less space in a DC
  • Increased security on the racks
  • More custom configurations for the DC facility – no more one size works for all applications

*What is something that ITL offer to the Data Center Market?

We offer, customized high quality server racks and cabinets that meet the dimensions of the customer’s layout. Our racks are exceptionally sturdy and are ideal for integrators that populate the rack at an offsite location and then ship fully loaded racks to data center.

*What is a strength of ITL? Why?

ITL  designs and manufactures in Custom which allows us to create custom solutions and deliver with short lead times. We have Experience in solving the problems of large industry leaders. Our engineering and support staff are passionate about what they do.

*Are there any standard server racks?

A 19-inch rack is still the standard (internal) enclosure width for mounting server and network equipment. The 42U x 24″ Wide by 42″ deep used to be the benchmark but the 45U, 47U and 48U tend to be the standard heights depending on region. In 2014, over 50% of our rack sales were racks taller than 50U.

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