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At ITL, we think that convenience should be at the center of all activities. ITL Intelligent Door Lock System offers convenient and innovative door locking solutions for your facilities, without the need to carry keys. Smart door locks are arguably one of the nicest of smart home comforts. They can automatically detect your presence via the Bluetooth connection in your Smartphone (or a Bluetooth key fob) and unlock your front door for you. They let you send electronic keys to your friends that work only during times that you specify.

Why Choose Integra as Intelligent Door Lock Partner?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing your Intelligent Door Lock provider. ItL uses HUNE as DLS. Here are some of the many compelling reasons to choose HUNE Intelligent Door Lock System

Wireless system and stand-alone door lock: requires no wiring, adopts smart card to perform control function and unlocking function, is completely independent and stand-alone.

Keycards are limited by lock’s clock, when the guest’s lodging is out of the deadline, the keycard will be invalid.
Restrict Guest room function: For some need to restrict guest room (such as rent arrears), we can make Stop Card to stop the corresponding key card from unlocking the lock.
Card recycle use: Card can be use recycle one hundred thousand times.
Panic release function: Deadbolt and latch are automatically retracted by pressing the inside handle for easy egress.
Meeting room function: The lock can be set to auto-lock and always-open (the lock will be always-open after unlocking for meeting room ).
The guest can pass the public access door and elevator with his room card.
Energy-saving function: when entering the room, the guest has to insert the Guest Card into the energy-saving switch to turn on the illumination (lighting) system
Report the loss of key card: The lost keycard will be invalidated by simple card operations on the lock.
Mechanical key override: The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the unlocking by the mechanical key in emergency.

Frequently Asked Question!

What is your system for Intelligent Door Lock?

ITL uses HUNE as intelligent door lock system. We import and distribute it throughout the country.

Is there any energy saving mood?

Yes. when entering the room, the guest has to insert the Guest Card into the energy-saving switch to turn on the illumination (lighting) system

How many modules in the software?

Powerful and practical function: The menu of lock software is made up of ‘User’, ‘Room’, ‘Lodge’, ‘Issue key card’, ‘Issue maintenance card’, ‘Report’, ‘System Management’ and etc. Completely imitate the hotel reception management, process room booking, check in, change room, check out and etc.

Support languages in the software?

Support multiple languages - such as french, spanish, russian, portuguese, Arabic.

Are there any benefits with software system?

Adopt the Access desktop database, with special database protection function. Support SQL database (client-sever mode), multi computers to issue card at the same time. Stable Software system with database automatic backup function.

What about warranty and Support?

Free Three years warranty & lifetime maintenance and repair support.

During the warranty period, if the locks get broken under normal use (not directly damaged by man-made factors), customer may send back the broken locks to us, we will repair the broken locks for free. But the come-and-go freight cost should be paid by customer.

We also provide 7*24 hours online chat and phone call to solve any problem of technical matters with customers.

We do reply every single query. Don’t hesitate to ask or suggest anything.

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